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DFS Digital force tester is a more economical digital force tester but thus, provide a and are available for all testing requirements, with capacities starting from 5 N to 2,500 N (0.5 to 250 Kg, 1.1


NEXTECH® DFS ForceTester is a more economical digital force tester but thus,provide a and are available for all testing requirements, withcapacities starting from 5 N to 2,500 N (0.5 to 250 Kg, 1.1 to 550lbs). The DFS Force Tester are compact, easy to use and measureboth the load of tension and compression. Units of measurement canbe displayed with any units (lb, Kg, N) of measurement desired, bya buttons click. The DFS offers a far more functionality within itsprice range, with an accuracy of ±0.2%, and a lot of morefeatures.


 • Large LCD display • Economic design  • Ease of use ofSoftware
 • Easy RS232 data connectivity • Highly accuratemeasurement
 • Check both Tension and Compression
 • Real time and peak mode (selectable)
 • NIST traceable calibration  • Overloadalarm, low battery indicator
 • Interchangeable units between lb, kg and Newton
 • Compatible with common test stands and grips
 • Operates on rechargeable batteries or from direct ACpower supply
 • Full set of accessories including hook, plateextension rod, batteries,

 carrying case andAC Charger/Adapter and a user's manual


  • Capacity Range: 9 Model, 5N to 2500N
  • Accuracy + 0.2%
  • Resolution 2500 divs
  • A/D Rate 1000 Hz
  • Effective Peak 0.1 sec
  • Tension and Compression Testing: Both
  • Overload Protection: 120% minimum
  • Power: Rechargeable Battery or AC Power
  • Display Type: Dot Matrix LCD
  • Data Collection: RS232
  • Weight: 27 oz (775 g) 500 N and below 37 oz(1060 g) 1000N and above
  • Operating Temperature: 60ํ - 95 F (15-35 C)
  • Includes: Hook, plate, extension rod, carrycase, batteries, charger, user’s manual, calibration certificate
  • Load Bar: Shows load percentage to minimizeoverloads
  • Battery Charge: 20 hours full operationfrom full charge
  • Accessories Available: Universal test standmounting plate, serial cable, software, quick couplers andadapters, test stands, popular grip assortment
  • Warranty: One years parts andLabor
Model DFS Capacity and Divisions:
Model No:mNNkNg-fkg-foz-flb-f
DFS 55000 x25 x0。002-500 x0.20.5 x0.000217.5 x0.0101。1 x0。0005
DFS 1010000 x510 x0.005-1000 x0.51 x0.000535 x0.022.2 x0.0010
DFS 2525000 x1025 x0。010-2500 x1.02。5 x0。001087。5 x0。055。5 x0。002
DFS 5050000 x2050 x0.02-5000 x25 x0。002175 x0。1011 x0.005
DFS 100-100 x0.05-10000 x510 x0.005350 x0.222 x0。010
DFS 250-22 x0.010-25000 x1025 x0.010875 x0.555 x0。02
DFS 500-500 x0.2-50000 x2050 x0.021750 x1.0110 x0.05
DFS 1000-1000 x0.51 x0。0005-100 x0。05-220 x0。10
DFS 2500-2500 x1。02.5 x0.0010-100 x0.05-550 x0.2
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